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Redefine Smart Home

With more than 30 connected devices per household by 2020, users will no longer have the time or even the skill to configure those objects. Therefore, a truly Smart Home will need to be able to anticipate the needs of its occupants, and act accordingly.


Ween's artificial intelligence solution for Smart Home allows offering a unique experience of tailored comfort, maximized safety and effortless savings. 

All without the users having to think about it.


  • Autonomous management of the temperature according to occupants’ arrival time

  • Automatic shutdown of the air-conditioning system right when users leave

  • Real-time optimization of energy consumption, with no programing

  • 100% of absences become energy savings


  • Autonomous management of home appliances according to occupants’ real-time planning (lighting, vaccum cleaner...)

  • Self-adaptation of laundry machine’s program length according to occupants’ arrival time with no programing

  • Automatic management of refrigerator cooling temperature according to people whereabouts


  • Autonomous activation of the alarm when no one is at home

  • Autonomous switching on of the camera when the occupants leave

  • Real-time presence simulation with no programing

Create your own autonomous solution

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