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Where research leads to better product decisions.

The AI platform that helps you turn qualitative data into product opportunities in hours instead of weeks.

Automatically turn interviews into insights.

Ween AI is the research trainee you would love to have !

It scans all your interviewsextracts the user pain-points and creates for you a summary
Take your analysis to the next level with our multi-language transcript and sentiment analysis features.

Validate assumptions using all your qualitative data.

Easily validate the assumptions, pain points, or facts gathered during your research with the help of Ween.

The AI continually scans your interviews and associates relevant quotes with your insights.

Align your research with your business goals.

Assess, organize and prioritize your backlog of evidence-based insights with your cross-functional teams, all in one place.

Keep track of your business target outcomes and easily link them to findings.

Features & Benefits

Bring speed and transparency to your research.

By Product Lovers, for Product Lovers.

We use Ween ourselves to undestand our users better and continually improve our product !
Join the adventure now !

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We stopped opinion battles to make decisions, with Ween we make sense of all the data we have on our customers and we decide based on that.

CEO at InvestingClub

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I'm really surprised regarding the accuracy of the extracted pain points. I was not expecting that level, and it really impressed me !

UX Researcher at Yassir

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It saves me so much time to just upload all my team interviews and automatically get all my quotes when we want to validate  assumptions on our customers.

CEO, Healnergy


What Our Users Are Saying

Research is not a bottleneck but an accelerator !

Speed up your research, build the right thing and iterate fast.

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